Delicious Recipes Featuring Dipstix

Dipstix Beef Tips

Delicious Grass Fed “Dip Tips”

A Delicious Spin On A Protein Packed Dish! Ingredients Instructions

Dipstix Smoked & Spicy Corn

Smoked n’ Spicy Sweet Corn

A Smokey, Spicy Kick To The Cob! Ingredients Instructions

Dipstix Twice Baked Taters

Twice Baked Bacon Stix Tators

Creamy, Tasty Tators Done Just Right! Ingredients Instructions

Dipstix Smokey Mac N Cheese

Ultimate Smokey Mac N Cheese

Mouth watering, flavorful comfort food dish w a smokey twist your friends & family will …

Dipstix Kickin Chicken


Bold Flavor with a smokey mild heat! Ingredients Instructions  Yum!!!! 🤤 

Dipstix Chipotle Snack Mix

Chipotle Bourbon Bacon Snack Mix

A Sweet, Crunchy and Satisfying Snack! Ingredients Instructions

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